Clear knowledge of the condition of your assets and how they are performing is critical for making intelligent decisions regarding safety, maintenance, rehabilitation and renewal.


Condition data and understanding asset failure modes, as well as determination of appropriate frequency and method of inspection relevant to the service provided by the particular asset is key.


  • Ascertain the reasons for performance deficiencies
  • Predict when asset failure to deliver the required level of service is likely to occur
  • Identify critical concerns that demonstrate level of risk
  • Determine what corrective action is required
  • Understand the timing and consequences of specific failures and consequent expenditure patterns
  • Determine the timing of preventative or remedial action to preclude injury, loss of life, service or economic loss
  • Core condition gradings and more advanced monitoring
  • Advanced condition assessment at a component level



Condition monitoring is of unique benefit in that the root cause of damaging mechanisms can be identified and tackled proactively, such that conditions which shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before they develop into a major failure.

Effluent Treatment
corroded pipe


Swakopmund Jetty
wastewater treatment

Slip Resistance Testing with Engineering Authority

  • Interpretation of test results for compliance purposes
  • Provision of advice on remediation and recovery procedures
  • Expert opinion where the standards are not entirely transparent or definitive
  • Development and implementation of specialised test regimes & procedures


Corrosion & erosion assessment, identification and remediation

  • Uniform, galvanic, crevice, pitting, intragranular, selective de-alloying, erosion, stress corrosion cracking


Concrete and reinforcing assessments and failure analysis

  • Reinforcing corrosion (concrete cancer)
  • Carbonation
  • Chloride attack
  • Efflorescence
  • Sulphate attack
  • Laitance
  • Concrete cover
  • Half cell potential


Coating assessments

  • Environmental degradation (UV, chemical, oxidation)
  • Thickness
  • Adhesion
  • Holiday testing
  • Visual (chalking, crazing, cracking, flaking, blistering…)


Gas cylinder testing


Non-Destructive Testing

Failure analysis

  • Identification of failure mode, root cause, corrective action and specification of recovery programs
  • Steel, stainless steel, copper alloys and other metallic structures
  • Polymers including piping, fittings, coatings, membranes
  • Elastomers including gaskets, seals
  • Welds, integrity and assessment of compliance


Induction Group carries out inspections for condition assessment and compliance on a range of asset types, including:


  • Defence and Civil platforms
  • Energy Infrastructure: generation,  transmission, distribution networks & storage
  • Storm Water, Water and Sewerage Infrastructure
  • Buildings and Building Materials
  • Maritime Vessels
  • Motor Vehicles and other Transport
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Componentry
corroded pipe

Signage Products
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Condition Monitoring
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Failure Analysis
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