Essential Consumption Audits

Induction Group also performs Power and Lighting Audits. Many thousands of dollars can be saved by interrogating the current lighting system to achieve the utmost performance by either installing newer globes or by updating your system.


Power and lighting audits are designed to help you identify the most cost-effective and practical options to reduce energy consumption and costs. Properly performed, these audits analyse usage, expenses, look for wastage, and identify options to improve both appearance and expenditure.


An audit conducted on a car park is disclosed below and you can clearly see the savings over a period of 13 years. Induction Group warrants its products via the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 12 years and provides an additional year of warranty based on the project.


Power & Lighting Sample Audit

This project had a ROI of less than 24 months. Reducing out-goings is a smart way to improve cash flow simply by cutting costs to improve a companies over all financial position.


Please call our team to ascertain if we could be of assistance to you and your company. A simple phone call could save you many thousands of dollars.

hotel interior
Your Investment 23,360
Combined ROI (years) 2
Reduction in Carbon Emissions (CO2/t) p.a. 21
Operational Cost Saving Over LED Life 265,081
(inc. maintenance & Bulb Replacement Cost, Exc. LED Investment & Installation)

Calculated Results

lamp life
Total operating cost

Calculated results clearly indicate that an initial investment would result in sizable savings along with recovering the initial costs.


Often is the case that investing back into existing operations is overlooked negating the positive returns through on going savings and a significant reduction of monthly out goings.

reduce co2 emissions
Facts & Figures
Current Lighting System: BULB Hrs/Day Days/Year Qty M’n Cost# Operation Cost Over LED Life
2 X 36w Twin Fluro 12 312 146 50 $380,897

setingsInterior lighting accounts for a large amount of many companies on-going monthly costs. On average, with an accurate audit, up to 50% savings can be made on your lighting related power costs plus maintenance and replacement costs.

commercial lighting
New Lighting System: BULB Hrs/Day Days/Year Qty Operation Cost Over LED Life
48w Flat Panel LED 12 312 146 $115,817

setingsWhile unavoidable, lighting maintenance and electricity consumption can be better managed through modern technology such as LED lighting systems. Companies are now moving away from expensive and bulky HPS and Metal Halide lighting in favour of new and efficient LED lighting systems.

led lighting

Reduce On-Going Maintenance Costs

Life Time Saving** Rated Life (Years) ROI (Years)
$265,081 13.0 2

setingsMany companies tend to think in the short term thus not taking full advantage of the savings that are available over a longer period of time.


A typical light bulb may need to be changed anually while a modern LED type light source might last in excess of 10 years.


Besides the electricity savings, there is the labour savings and bulb costs that add up over time.

LED streetlight install


Maintenance And Operation Costs Per Year
Years Power Rate (10% increase p.a.) Current Lighting System New Lighting System Saving Each Year
1 $0.18 $22,393 $4,723 $17,670
2 $0.20 $23,172 $5,195 $17,977
3 $0.22 $24,029 $5,715 $18,315
4 $0.24 $24,972 $6,286 $18,686
5 $0.26 $26,009 $6,915 $19,095
6 $0.29 $27,150 $7,606 $19,544
7 $0.32 $28,405 $8,367 $20,038
8 $0.35 $29,786 $9,203 $20,582
9 $0.39 $31,304 $10,124 $21,180
10 $0.42 $32,975 $11,136 $21,839

Existing System Verses LED System

led lighting cost

Cost Savings

System Information Comparison 1
Existing System
Fixture Model 2 X 36 Twin Fluro
Fixture Quantity 146
Input Watts Per Lumiaire 79.2
Operating Hours/Day 12
Operating Hours/Year 312
Operating Hours/Year 3,744
Annual kWh 43,293
Per Luminaire Cost $50
Maintenance Cost (Per Luminaire) $50
Rated Lamp Life (hours) 6,000
Years Per Luminaire 1
Times Of Replacement Over LED Life 13
Annual Existing Cost Summary
Annual Existing Energy Cost $7,793
Existing System Cost $14,600
Total Maintenance Cost Over LED Time Life $189,800
System Information Comparison 2
LED Solutions
Fixture Model 48w LED Flat Panel
Fixture Quantity 146
Input Watts Per Lumiaire 48
Operating Hours/Day 12
Operating Hours/Year 312
Operating Hours/Year 3,744
Annual kWh 26,238
Per Luminaire Cost $160
Rated Lamp Life (hours) 50,000
Years Per Luminaire 13
Annual LED Cost Summary
Annual LED Energy Cost $4,723
LED System Cost $23,360


Payback Analysis
Annual Energy Savings $3,070
Annual Energy Savings – All Comparisons $3,070
Payback Period (years) 2

setingsWhile LED lighting is the leader in releasing the best savings for both energy consumption and on-going maintenance (primarily replacement costs).

Our auditors work on a per-case basis assuring you get the nost appropriate option to gain the best possible results. Contact Induction Group today and see how our easy audits can help you save!

led lights comparison

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