Materials / Structural  / Maritime

all engineered materials, components, assemblies, systems & infrastructure


Technical Engineering Assessments & Compliance Reviews

  • Interpretation of results, standards and codes
  • Wide array of relevant infrastructure, complex & noteworthy projects


Specification for New or Existing Designs

  • Materials, finishes, products, standards, test methods and acceptance criteria in consideration of  service, fabrication, availability and economic requirements


Assessment of Suitability for Use


Review & Recommendations on Manufacturing Optimisation

  • E.g. forming, machining, thermal treatment, special processing, Non-Destructive Testing and surface finishing


Condition Assessments

  • Corrosion, coatings, structural, materials, concrete & reinforcing, erosion
  • Structures, Systems And Components (e.g. building, plumbing, etc.)


Forensic Failure Analysis / Root Cause Determination

  • Material, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and service environment
  • Corrosion Modes
  • Recommendations to prevent recurrence, including remediation advice and provision of recovery  procedures
Swimming Pool
Night Bridge lights in Brisbane
wind farm
Cracked Concrete
Ball bearing turbine

Structural Design and Forensic Investigations

  • Residential, industrial and commercial buildings
  • Site inspection, investigation and determination of cause(s) and extent of building / structural distress
  • Urgent response for Immediate Make Safe issues
  • Engineering reports, Scope of Works & tender documents, including upgrade and reinstatements works
  • Project management and construction phase services


Weld Procedure Verification & Integrity Testing


Testing Services

  • Materials, chemical & mechanical
  • Destructive and non-destructive methods
  • Specification of relevant test regimes


Product & Public Liability Investigations


Investigations Into Aircraft Material and Component Defects & Failures


Expert Witness Services

  • To all Courts, including Supreme, County and Magistrates, VCAT


Australian, International, Defence & Industry Standards and Codes


Infrastructure, Machinery & Equipment

  • Assessment and failure analysis of power distribution hardware, including examination of various types of conductors, glass and ceramic insulators, transmission towers and fixturing hardware
  • Component failures in cranes, machines, pumps and aircraft including determination of mechanism and cause, including weld assessment to applicable standards
  • Assessment of corrosion mechanisms and suitable remediation
  • Determination of organic coating, electroplating and galvanized coating defects or failures
  • Determination of compliance with engineering standards and design criteria
  • Assessment of suitability for use and failure analysis of flooring systems
  • Swimming pool failures where tiling or fibreglass deterioration has occurred



  • Failure and root cause analysis for multiple defence and civil aircraft platforms, including but not limited to Lockheed P3/AP3C Orion and C-130 Hercules, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18, General Dynamics F-111, Boeing 737, 767 and 777, Airbus A320, A330 and A340
  • Failure analysis of high strength steels, steels, stainless steels, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, copper alloys
  • Failure analysis of electroplating, anodizing and conversion coatings, sealants and paints
  • RAAF Engineering Design Authority for airframe and undercarriage components; material specification, thermal treatments, non-destructive inspection, shot peening, surface finishing and painting
  • Project managed NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) certification for a large number of special processes including hard chromium plating, cadmium plating, nickel plating, chromic acid anodizing, sulphuric acid anodizing, hard anodizing, phosphate conversion coating, chromate conversion coating, magnetic particle NDT, liquid penetrant NDT, shot peening, temper etch inspection and painting
broken chain
heat-exchanger tube

Transmission & Distribution

  • Collapsed transmission towers
  • ACSR and AAAC conductors for bird caging, corrosion and corrosion fatigue
  • Various types of insulators
  • Fuses
  • Galvanized hardware
  • Brackets and many types of fastening hardware
  • Expert witness legal reports for collapsed distribution lines in relation to bushfires (including Black Saturday) where loss of life occurred
  • Investigations and reports undertaken for: Ausnet Services, Central Power, Snowy Hydro, Suzlon Energy, SA Power Networks, AGL Energy, Powerlink



  • Mechanical failure of all components, including fasteners, suspension, wheels, tyres and engine components including pistons, connecting rods, cam shafts, crank shafts, bearings, and transmission and braking systems
  •  Corrosion and erosion failure analysis of engine blocks and cylinder heads
  •  Automotive, aircraft, trains, trams

Engineering Services

Building Materials

  • Concrete, mortar and plaster failures including analysis and assessment of composition and properties
  • Ceramic failures, including defective floor tiles, pool paving and tiling, sanitary ware, piping and windows
  • Adhesives and sealants for building construction, tiles and textured pavers
  • Failure analysis of steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, ceramic and plastic plumbing components and systems
  • Corrosion assessment of bare or galvanized steel pipes, reinforced concrete, structural steel and buildings
  • Paint and coating system assessment, including thickness, delamination and durability


Public Liability

  • Incident investigations involving machines and equipment and determination of contributing factors.
  • Mechanical failure of products and equipment, such as ladders, carousels and chairs.
  • Determination of public lighting conditions and comparison to Australian Standards.



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building materials
coating and corrosion

Signage Products
Eon Coating System
3D & Illuminated Signage
Commercial, Corporate, Building
Interior Wall & Display
Photoluminescent & Reflective
Glass & Architectural
Vehicle and Fleet Wraps
Control Panels & Switchboards
Machinery Name Plates
Statutory & Regulatory
Safety & Mandatory
Prohibition, Hazard & Warning
Maritime (IMO)
Wayfinding & Directional
Labels, Tallies & Stickers
Magnetic Signs
Tactile & Braille
Honour Boards

Signage Services
Graphic & Industrial Design
Laser & CNC Rotary Engraving
Screen Printing
Digital Printing
Laser Cutting & Etching
Wide Format Printing

Safety Products

Building Services
Commercial & Domestic Works
Building & Carpentry
Painting and Restoration
Floor Surfacing & Remediation
Line Marking
Pressure Cleaning
Business Case Development

Condition Monitoring
Corrosion & Erosion
Concrete & Reinforcing
Coating Assessments

Failure Analysis
Remediation Advice

Non-Destructive Testing
Gas Cylinder Test Station
Infrastructure, Systems & Componentry

All Materials

Materials – Structural – Maritime
Technical Assessments
Compliance Reviews
Slip Resistance Testing
Forensic Failure Analysis
Public & Product Liability
Condition Assessments
Structural Design
Specification for New or Existing Designs
Suitability for Use
Manufacturing Optimisation
Site Inspection
Corrosion & Erosion
Weld Procedures
Testing Services
Aircraft Defects & Failures
Expert Witness Services